MatchC: A Matching Logic Reachability Verifier Using the K Framework

Andrei Stefanescu
K'11 Springer, Volume 304, August 2011
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Abstract. This paper presents MatchC, a matching logic reachability verifier using the K framework. K is a rewriting-based framework for defining and analyzing programming languages. Matching logic is a logic designed to state and reason about structural properties over arbitrary program configurations. Matching logic reachability is a unifying framework for operational and axiomatic semantics of programing languages. The MatchC verifier ( checks reachability properties of programs written in a deterministic fragment of C and is implemented in the K framework. This paper discusses the correctness of the implementation of the matching logic reachability proof system in MatchC. The main contributions of this paper are the implementation of the verifier, with emphasis on using K for program verification, and the evaluation of the tool on a large number of programs, including complex ones, like programs implementing the AVL trees data structure and the Schorr-Waite graph marking algorithm.