A Complete Formal Semantics of x86-64 User-Level Instruction Set Architecture

Sandeep Dasgupta and Daejun Park and Theodoros Kasampalis and Vikram S. Adve and Grigore Rosu
PLDI'19 ACM, pp 1133-1148, June 2019
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Abstract. We present the most complete and thoroughly tested formal semantics of x86-64 to date. Our semantics faithfully formalizes all the non-deprecated, sequential user-level instructions of the x86-64 Haswell instruction set architecture. This totals 3155 instruction variants, corresponding to 774 mnemonics. The semantics is fully executable and has been tested against more than 7,000 instruction-level test cases and the GCC torture test suite. This extensive testing paid off, revealing bugs in both the x86-64 reference manual and other existing semantics. We also illustrate potential applications of our semantics in different formal analyses, and discuss how it can be useful for processor verification.