Semantics-Based Program Verifiers for All Languages

Andrei Stefanescu and Daejun Park and Shijiao Yuwen and Yilong Li and Grigore Rosu
OOPSLA'16 ACM, pp 74-91, Nov 2016
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Abstract. We present a language-independent verification framework that can be instantiated with an operational semantics to automatically generate a program verifier. The framework treats both the operational semantics and the program correctness specifications as reachability rules between matching logic patterns, and uses the sound and relatively complete reachability logic proof system to prove the specifications using the semantics. We instantiate the framework with the semantics of one academic language, KernelC, as well as with three recent semantics of real-world languages, C, Java, and JavaScript, developed independently. We evaluate our approach empirically and show that the generated program verifiers can check automatically the full functional correctness of challenging heap-manipulating programs implementing operations on list and tree data structures, like AVL trees. This is the first approach that can turn the operational semantics of real-world languages into correct-by-construction automatic verifiers.