Term-Generic Logic

Andrei Popescu and Grigore Rosu
Journal of Theoretical Computer Science Volume 577, pp 1-24, April 2015
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Abstract. We introduce term-generic logic (TGL), a first-order logic parameterized with terms defined axiomatically (rather than constructively), by requiring terms to only provide free variable and substitution operators satisfying some reasonable axioms. TGL has a notion of model that generalizes both first-order models and Henkin models of the lambda-calculus. The abstract notions of term syntax and model are shown to be sufficient for obtaining the completeness theorem of a Gentzen system generalizing that of first-order logic. Various systems featuring bindings and contextual reasoning, ranging from pure type systems to the pi-calculus, are captured as theories inside TGL. For two particular, but rather typical instances---untyped lambda-calculus and System F---the general-purpose TGL models are shown to be equivalent with standard ad hoc models.