Runtime Verification at Work: A Tutorial

Philip Daian and Dwight Guth and Chris Hathhorn and Yilong Li and Edgar Pek and Manasvi Saxena and Traian Florin Serbanuta and Grigore Rosu
RV'16 Springer, Volume 10012, pp 46-67, September 2016
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Abstract. We present a suite of runtime verification tools developed by Runtime Verification Inc.: RV-Match, RV-Predict, and RV-Monitor. RV-Match is a tool for checking C programs for undefined behavior and other common programmer mistakes. It is extracted from the most complete formal semantics of the C11 language and beats many similar tools in its ability to catch a broad range of undesirable behaviors. RV-Predict is a dynamic data race detector for Java and C/C++ programs. It is perhaps the only tool that is both sound and maximal: it only reports real races and it can find all races that can be found by any other sound data race detector analyzing the same execution trace. RV-Monitor is a runtime monitoring tool that checks and enforces safety and security properties during program execution. Our tools focus on reporting no false positives and are free for non-commercial use.