Towards a Kool Future

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Towards a Kool Future
Dorel Lucanu and Traian Florin Serbanuta and Grigore Rosu
Boer's Festschrift, LNCS 9660, pp 325-343. 2016
Abstract. The K framework was successfully used for defining formal semantics for several practical languages, e.g. C, Java, Java Script, but no language with distributed concurrent objects was defined in K up to now. In this paper we investigate how the model of asynchronous method calls, using the so-called futures for handling the return values, can be added to an existing K definition using the ideas from the Complete Guide to the Future paper. As the running example we use the K definition of Kool, a pedagogical and research language that captures the essence of the object-oriented programming paradigm. This is a first step toward a generic methodology for modularly adding future-based mechanisms to allow asynchronous method calls.
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