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ROSMOP is an instance of MOP for the Robot Operating System (ROS).


Download the source code
ROSMOP on GitHub

Git (1.8 or later)
Java Development Kit (JDK) (7 or later)
Ant (1.8 or later)
JavaCC (5 or later)
Runtime Verification Monitor (RV-Monitor) (1.3 or later)

How to Install

ROSMOP currently works integrated with ROSRV. If you have already checked out the ROSRV source code on GitHub by using the --recursive option, you do not have to check out the ROSMOP source code again.

  • Add <rosmop_HOME>/bin to your PATH.
  • Run
cd <rosmop_HOME>
  • Make sure the build is successful.

You can read more about how to use ROSMOP here and refer to ROSMOP Syntax for a better understanding of the specification language.

Bug Report

If you experience any problems with ROSMOP, please open a new issue on the Issues Page of the project.

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