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=== 2013 ===
=== 2013 ===
<pubbib authors="pmeredit" year="= 2013"> </pub>
<pub authors="pmeredit" year="= 2013"> </pub>
<pub authors="pmeredit" year="= 2013"> </pub>

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Patrick is a Post Doctorate Researcher at the University of Illinois with a background in compilers and architecture, and, a love of programming languages (which sort of goes with the former).

He is an Eagle Scout who graduated from Granite City High School in 2001. Granite City, Illinois is a beautiful town filled with steel mills and pot holes. He has Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate Degrees in Computer Science, all from the University of Illinois.

He immensely dislikes writing in the third person, and would like all readers to know that more information is provided in his curriculum vitae below.

Curriculum Vitae


Publications by year


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