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The paper management system creates a wiki page for each paper title. Thus if you have multiple versions of a paper with different titles, then you need to manually merge them into a single wiki page by using the redirection feature.

For example, suppose that you have two versions of the same paper, namely "Reachability Logic in K" and "All-Path Reachability Logic". Then you will have two separate wiki pages for each titles:


In order to merge those two pages, first you have to decide which one is a main page. Let say "Reachability Logic in K" is a main page. Then you put all of the paper entries (i.e., <pubbib> entries explained in the Online Paper Database page) in the "Reachability Logic in K" page, and put the redirection command into the "All-Path Reachability Logic" page.

For example, in Reachability Logic in K page, we have:

<pubbib id='stefanescu-ciobaca-mereuta-moore-serbanuta-rosu-2014-rta' template='PubDefaultWithAbstractAndTitle'/>
== Submitted to RTA'14 ==
<pubbib id='stefanescu-ciobaca-mereuta-moore-serbanuta-rosu-2014-rta-submission' template='PubDefaultWithAbstractAndTitle'/>
== Submitted to ESOP'14 ==
<pubbib id='stefanescu-ciobaca-moore-serbanuta-rosu-2014-esop-submission' template='PubDefaultWithAbstractAndTitle'/>
== Technical Report ==
<pubbib id='stefanescu-ciobaca-moore-serbanuta-rosu-2013-tr' template='PubDefaultWithAbstractAndTitle' draft/>

In All-Path Reachability Logic page, we have:

#REDIRECT [[Reachability Logic in K | All-Path Reachability Logic]]

This way, you can merge multiple pages into a single one. Even if you click the link to the All-Path Reachability Logic page, you will be redirected to the Reachability Logic in K page.

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