Mining Parametric Specifications

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Mining Parametric Specifications
Choonghwan Lee and Feng Chen and Grigore Rosu
ICSE'11, ACM, pp 591-600. 2011
Abstract. Specifications carrying formal parameters that are bound to concrete data at runtime can effectively and elegantly capture multi-object behaviors or protocols. Unfortunately, parametric specifications are not easy to formulate by non-experts and, consequently, are rarely available. This paper presents a general approach for mining parametric specifications from program executions, based on a strict separation of concerns: (1) a trace slicer first extracts sets of independent interactions from parametric execution traces; and (2) the resulting non-parametric trace slices are then passed to any conventional non-parametric property learner. The presented technique has been implemented in jMiner, which has been used to automatically mine many meaningful and non-trivial parametric properties of OpenJDK 6.
PDF, Slides(PPTX), JMiner, DOI, ICSE'11, BIB

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