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Mark Hills
Ph.D. student
Computer Science Department
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Office: 2111A Siebel Center (217-333-5219)
Advisor: Grigore Rosu

NOTE: I am now a postdoctoral researcher at CWI in The Netherlands. For more information about my current research please visit my new homepage.

I am interested broadly in the field of programming languages. My main research topic involves the use of rewriting logic to define the semantics of programming languages. These definitions, which are executable, provide a prototyping environment for working with language definitions, and can also be leveraged for program verification and analysis. I am also currently looking at improved tool support for working with language definitions, especially focused on modularity.

Two of my main projects involve the K framework, a framework and notation for defining programming language semantics, and the C Policy Framework, a semantics-based analysis framework which uses rewriting logic semantics to specify analysis policies, checked by executing the semantics over a domain of abstract values. More broadly, I've been working on the FSL Rewriting Logic Semantics project, defining executable semantics of programming languages, including an object-oriented language called KOOL.

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