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One of the most distinctive features of MOP is its generality w.r.t. logical formalisms. Specifically, MOP supports an extensible logic framework, allowing the user to add her/his favorite or domain-specific specification formalisms via logic plugins, which implement monitor synthesis algorithms for corresponding logical formalisms. Every logic plugin is composed of two components, namely, a logic engine and a language shell. The former generates monitoring code (in the form of some seudo-code) from a given specification, while the latter then translates the monitoring code into a specific programming language, e.g., Java. This page lists the logic engines presently developed for MOP; the corresponding logic plugins (logic engines wrapped by language shells) for Java can be found at the JavaMOP Logic Plugin Repository.

Send us Your Logic!

Currently, we only accept new logic plugins via emails. To submit a new logic plugin, please pack the whole plugin as one file and send it to fsl AT A detailed Readme file is highly recommanded. After the plugin is tested, we will publish it in our repository.

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