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MOP provides an extensible logic framework. The user is able to add her favariate specification formalisms into the MOP tool by providing corresponding logic plugins which encode the montior synthesis algorithms for the formalisms. Every logic plugin usually is composed by two components: language-specific shell and language-independent logic engine. But for some specification languages that are simple and specific to a programming language, for instance, JML and Jass, one can use only the language shell to generate monitoring code. In this website, we provide a repository of the logic plugins via which the user can learn and try the logic plugins online. We also encourage users to send us logic plugins that they developed.

Currently, the following specification formalisms are supported:

Add a New Plugin

Currently, we only accept new logic plugins via emails. In order to provide a logic plugin, please pack the whole plugin directory into one file and send it to fsl AT In order for us to better test the submitted plugin, please put related information into a readme file. After we verify the plugin, we will publish it in our repository.

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