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JavaMOP is an instance of MOP for Java.

Try Online

You can try a demo version of JavaMOP using our online interface. Note that the online interface is for demo purposes only and is limited in functionality. For full functionality, you should download JavaMOP (below).


JavaMOP 4.0

All versions HERE

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (7 or later)
AspectJ Compiler (AJC) (1.8.1 or later)
Runtime Verification Monitor (RV-Monitor) (1.3 or later)

How to Install
  • Download the JavaMOP 4.0's released binary zip archive via the provided link and unzip it to your preferred location.
  • Install the prerequisites, update your PATH and CLASSPATH according to the instructions in (online version here).
  • /path/to/javamop/bin/javamop (javamop.bat on windows) is the target executable. Add /path/to/javamop/bin/ to your PATH environment variable.
  • Done! You can read more about JavaMOP in (online version here).

Bug Report

If you experience any problems with JavaMOP, and can not find your answer in the Troubleshooting page, please open a new issue on the Issues Page of the project.


Please refer to JavaMOP's GitHub Page for source code and more information about development of JavaMOP.


You can refer to docs/ (online version here) to find out how to use JavaMOP. For detailed information you can refer to JavaMOP Syntax and our JavaMOP papers.

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