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I edited or co-edited the following conference/workshop proceedings and journal special issues:


General chair


Program chair or co-chair

FMOODS&FORTE'12, RV'10, AMAST'08, WRLA'08, FATES/RV'06, RV'04, RV'02, RV'01

Steering committee member

[ASE'20], WRLA'20, RV'20, ASE'19, RV'19, ASE'18, RV'18, WRLA'18, CALCO'17, RV'16, WADT'16, WRLA'16, RV'15, FORTE'15, FORTE'14, WADT'14, WRLA'14, RV'13, FORTE/FMOODS'13, RV'12, WADT'12, WRLA'12, RV'11, K'11, WRLA'10, RV'09, RV'08, RV'05, RV'04, RV'03

Program committee member

2018: [DATE'18], FSCD'18, RV'18, FM'18 Industry Day, FM'18, PADL'18, PLDI'18, FSCD'18, WRLA'18, POPL'18
2017: RV'17, FSCD'17, ECOOP'17, CALCO'17, ICSE'17, HSCC'17
2016: FM'16, RV'16, ASE'16, VORTEX'16, TACAS'16. WRLA'16
2015: ASE'15, OOPSLA'15, RV'15, CAV'15, FM'15, MFPS'15, NFM'15, MV'15
2014: GPCE'14, HCVS'14, TCS'14, RV'14, FSE'14, ICTAC'14, WRLA'14, CMCS'14, PLDI'14 (ERC), FOSSACS'14
2013: LPAR'13, ASE'13, RV'13, PLAS'13
2012: WODA'12, PADTAD'12, MFCS'12, ASE'12, FSE'12, FMOODS&FORTE'12, IJCAR'12, RTA'12, TOOLS'12, CMCS'12, WRLA'12, LPAR'12
2011: RV'11, ASE'11, PLDI'11 (ERC), FM'11, MFPS'11, RTA'11, NFM'11
2010: AMAST'10, WADT'10
2009: PPDP'09, CALCO'09, SOS'09, PADTAD'09, RV'09, FOSSACS'09, ICDCN'09
2008: AMAST'08, FMOODS'08, RV'08, WRLA'08, WADT'08, PADTAD'08, SOS'08, CAGSD'08
2007: REM'07, SOS'07, CALCO'07, PADTAD'07, FMOODS'07, RV'07
2006: ICCP'06 (the SRV'06 track), FATES/RV'06, ICCGI'06, PADTAD'06, LOPSTR'06, WRLA'06
2005-2001: IBM Verification Conference 2005, RV'05, CMCS'04, WRLA'04, CMCS'03, RV'02, RV'01.

Organizer or co-organizer

Summer School on Language Frameworks 2012, CALCO'09 Tool Session, AMAST'08, WRLA'08, CALCO'07 Tool Session, FATES/RV'06, WRLA'06 Rewriting Competition, RV'04, RV'02, RV'01

Moderator or co-moderator of discussion lists

K User List
K Developers List (open only to K developers)
MOP (open for subscription only to FSL people working on runtime verification)
Runtime Verification (public, large list)
Formal Methods (open only to UIUC students and staff)
Programming Languages (open only to UIUC students and staff)
Formal Systems Laboratory (open only to FSL students, researchers and visitors)
Behavior (this list is currently closed)
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