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Grigore Rosu

Conferences and journals in which I am involved

Research ideas in which I am currently interested

Runtime Verification, Inc.
  • Are data races something that really annoy you? Do you suspect your tests are non-deterministic and sometimes fail because of a data race that you were not able to catch yet? Find it using our RV-Predict tool, which implements our maximal causal model approach in PLDI'14 and RV'12. It gives you the peace of mind that it is the best you can do dynamically without false alarms.
  • Are you fed up with the lack of portability of your C code, due to undefined behaviors? Do you want bug-free C code? Then try our RV-Match tool, which builds upon our formal ISO C11 semantics in K published in PLDI'15 and POPL'12. It is already showing better results than the best static analysis tools.
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