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Dwight Guth graduated with an M.S. degree from the FSL at UIUC in May 2013. His thesis is on the formal semantics of the Python programming language. Dwight is now working for [Runtime Verification, Inc.]


Runtime Verification at Work: A Tutorial 
Philip Daian and Dwight Guth and Chris Hathhorn and Yilong Li and Edgar Pek and Manasvi Saxena and Traian Florin Serbanuta and Grigore Rosu
RV'16, LNCS 10012, pp 46-67. 2016
PDF, Slides(PPTX), RV Products, DOI, RV'16, BIB
RV-Match: Practical Semantics-Based Program Analysis 
Dwight Guth and Chris Hathhorn and Manasvi Saxena and Grigore Rosu
CAV'16, LNCS 9779, pp 447-453. 2016
PDF, RV-Match, DOI, CAV'16, BIB
Low-Level Program Verification using Matching Logic Reachability 
Dwight Guth and Andrei Stefanescu and Grigore Rosu
LOLA'13. 2013
PDF, Slides(PDF), Matching Logic, LOLA'13, BIB

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