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== ISoLA 2018 (To Appear) ==
== ISoLA 2018 ==
<pubbib id='chen-rosu-2018-isola' template='PubDefaultWithAbstractAndTitle' />
<pubbib id='chen-rosu-2018-isola' template='PubDefaultWithAbstractAndTitle' />

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[edit] ISoLA 2018

A Language-Independent Program Verification Framework
Xiaohong Chen and Grigore Rosu
ISoLA'18, Springer, pp 92-102. 2018
Abstract. This invited paper describes an approach to language-independent deductive verification using the K semantics framework, in which an operational semantics of a language is defined and a program verifier together with other language tools are generated automatically, correct-by-construction.
PDF, Slides(PPTX), DOI, ISoLA'18, BIB

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