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Publications Form

Please analyse these and give me some feedback
Manage information about publications using: Special:PaperArticle
Manage information about publication authors (used for indexing): Special:PaperAuthors
Manage information about publication categories (used for indexing): Special:PaperCategories

Publications queries

Work in progress

I played a little around with the wiki extension for extracting publication info from the database... I didn't got too far, because I need feedback before continuing. But, let me tell you what I've been doing:

  • First, to be sure I don't do more wrong than good, I made another extension, using the <pub> tag. The old extension (<pubs>) is still available.
  • The template attribute has been preserved with the same meaning :)
  • Now, one can chose what columns from the table wants to select - for this to be useful, I suggest that the table structure be made public once we get to a standard form. Column selection is done using the column attribute - the default columns are those the old extension was selecting in this order:
Basically, If I only want to get the titles and authors and pass them to a template MyPubs, I would have to do something like this:
  <pub columns="title,author" template="MyPubs"> ... </pub> 
  • I've added a query attribute for people who really know... If a query attribute is specified, it will be the only one used for filtering the information.

Say, again that I want all titles for paper not written by myself:

  <pub columns="title" query="NOT author like '%Traian%'" template="MyPubs"> ... </pub> 
  • renamed the authors attribute into author to be the same as in the table
  • made available an year attribute for year-related filtering
 <pub year=">2003" template="MyPubs"> ... </pub> 
would give you all articles published after 2003.
  • made available a bibKey attribute if one want to obtain a specific atricle using its unique id
 <pub bibKey="chen-rosu05a"> ... </pub> 
  • made available a keywords attribute used to filter articles containing a specific keywords;
  • added an order attribute for for sorting the output
 <pub order="year DESC,month DESC"> ... </pub> 

would give publications in reverse cronological order. By default, they are ordered by year, in cronological order.

sorting by authors - you cannot just do it by puting author in the order attribute, since this will give you the results sorted by the first name of the first author. Therefore, If we want that, we could add another attribute to the <pub> tag, say alph which could be 1 if we want alphabetical order.
it would be good if the publication table would also have abstracts

Particular bibtex entries

This issue should have came earlier: So, we want a uniform way to query a database of articles and then to passs the results through an user-specified template. This is good in principle, but currentlz we might have problems with the fact that the bib for an journal article is quite difefrent from one for a conference paper and from a tech report.

My suggestion would be to have a template for each of these types, but I am open to other suggestions as well. If ones want to see how this problem looks like, take a look at page the last two papers are tech reports, while the query selects fields specific to conference papers.

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