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You have reached the online page for Maude Steps.

Choose a definition to run from the exmples list, or write your own. Then press the Start Stepper button to start with the default term, or first enter a term of our choice into the Start term: box. Then click on the below displayed term to obtain new steps. The default term is specified by including a comment line in your definition, of the form:

--- start term: (mystartterm)
Choose an example:
  • imp
    • imp-cxt-k
    • imp-cxt-opt
  • mu
    • mu-cxt-opt
  • p-system
    • max
    • primes
    • primes2
    • product-def
    • product-n
    • sort
    • square-2
    • square-pri
  • test
    • one
      • two
        • two
    • simple-vending-machine


    Note: Branching might be limited due to IE&Firefox limits for nested tables.

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