ROSRV: Runtime Verification for Robots

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ROSRV: Runtime Verification for Robots
Jeff Huang and Cansu Erdogan and Yi Zhang and Brandon Moore and Qingzhou Luo and Aravind Sundaresan and Grigore Rosu
RV'14, LNCS 8734, pp 247-254. 2014
Abstract. We present ROSRV, a runtime verification framework for robotic applications on top of the Robot Operating System (ROS), a widely used open-source framework for robot software development. ROSRV aims to address the safety and security issues of robots by providing a transparent monitoring infrastructure that intercepts and monitors the commands and messages passing through the system. Safety and security properties can be defined in a formal specification language, and are ensured by automatically generated monitors. ROSRV integrates seamlessly with ROS---no change in ROS nor the application code is needed. ROSRV has been applied and evaluated on a commercial robot.
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