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Well, if you reached, this page, then you supposedly are interested enough in my name to get more than a few lines :-)

First of all, my last name is not really Serbanuta, but rather Șerbănuță. Since it used to be that not all OS/browsers had good support for international characters (the above writing would not display well on an old browser), a version which works on most browsers is Şerbănuţă (S and t have cedillas underneath instead of commas). And to make everybody happy, especially online forms asking for my name, I would write it as Serbanuta.

This was mostly about writing, and to warn you in advance that at least my last name would not be pronounced as you might think at the first look. Now, let us move to pronunciation.

Since Romanian is a Romance language, pronouncing Traian as in Italian should give a good approximation. BTW, Traian comes from Marcus Ulpius Nerva Traianus, the Roman emperor. Native English speakers from my lab (Thanks, Chucky!) would like to add that an English speaker might get close to pronouncing it if presented as Tra-yahn, on which I must add that the 'T' is dental and the 'r' is rolled.

Now, pronouncing Șerbănuță is not as hard as it might seem from its length and its strange commas and breves. So, a pretty good approximation for the English speaker would be Sherbanutsa, again with dental 't' and rolled 'r' and with 'a' being pronounced as schwa (more precisely as the 'i' in 'girl').

Thus being said, if you still haven't figured it out, this is how I say my name.

And, for lovers of Cyrillic, I think my name would have been written like this in the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet: Tрaиѧɴ Флѡриɴ ШeрБъɴȣцъ.

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