Non-dual fuzzy connections

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George Georgescu and Andrei Popescu
Arch. Math. Log. 43(8): 1009-1039 (2004)
Abstract. The lack of double negation and de Morgan properties makes fuzzy logic unsymmetrical. This is the reason why fuzzy versions of notions like closure operator or Galois connection deserve attention for both antiotone and isotone cases, these two cases not being dual. This paper offers them attention, comming to the following conclusions:
– some kind of hardly describable lsquolsquolocal predualityrsquorsquo still makes possible important parallel results;
– interesting new concepts besides antitone and isotone ones (like, for instance, conjugated pair), that were classically reducible to the first, gain independency in fuzzy setting.
Arch. Math. Log., DBLP, BIB

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