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Welcome to the Formal Systems Laboratory (FSL) of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). FSL was founded in 2002 by Grigore Rosu, when he joined UIUC (from NASA Ames). In the FSL, we design and develop

  • foundational and theoretical models,
  • specification and programming languages, techniques and methodologies, as well as
  • software analysis prototypes and tools,

all aiming at increasing the quality of computing systems.

Current Research Areas
Programming Language Design and Semantics
Runtime Verification
Behavioral Specification


2015-02-16: Term-Generic Logic was accepted to be published in the Journal of Theoretical Computer Science.
2015-02-08: Technical report on Program Verification by Coinduction.
2015-02-02: Defining the Undefinedness of C was accepted at PLDI'15.
2015-02-02: KJS: A Complete Formal Semantics of JavaScript was accepted at PLDI'15.
2015-01-19: Evolution-Aware Monitoring-Oriented Programming was accepted at ICSE NIER'15.

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