IMUnit: Improved Multithreaded Unit Testing

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IMUnit: Improved Multithreaded Unit Testing
Vilas Jagannath, Milos Gligoric, Dongyun Jin, Grigore Rosu and Darko Marinov
IWMSE'10, IEEE, pp 48-49. 2010
Abstract. This position paper argues for an approach to bring several techniques successful for (regression) testing of sequential code over to multithreaded code. Multithreaded code is getting increasingly important but remains extremely hard to develop and test. Most recent research on testing multithreaded code focuses solely on finding bugs in one given version of code. While there are many promising results, the tools are fairly slow (as they, conceptually, explore a large number of schedules) and do not exploit the fact that code evolves over several versions during development and maintenance.
Our proposal is to allow explicit specification of relevant schedules (either manually written or automatically generated) for multithreaded tests, which can substantially speed up testing, especially for evolving code. To enable the use of schedules, we propose to design a novel language for specifying schedules in multithreaded tests, and to develop tools for automatic generation of multithreaded tests and for improved regression testing with multithreaded tests.

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